About us

Our Vision

To see God transform urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians.

Our Mission 

Motivated by the love of Jesus Christ and his desire to reconcile the world to himself, our mission is to pursue the transformation of people, families and their communities in the cities of Québec and the French-speaking world.

Who are we? 

Rooted in the revelation of God, the Creator, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are followers of Jesus Christ. Passionate for the truth, we strive to incarnate the love of God and love for our neighbor as taught in the Bible.   

We are committed to

ste_catherine.jpgTHE CITY…

God loves the city and has always desired to see it as a place of refuge and civic well-being. We believe that the Creator seeks to change the city by transforming the structures of urban systems and by spiritually renewing its citizens. We seek to contextualize our ministry in various city sectors where we work.


We believe that love and peace are at the heart of God’s project for people, families and their communities. However, we recognize the reality of evil. Where discord reigns, we desire to pursue reconciliation for the peace and well-being of the city.

We affirm the words of Jesus, “…may they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent me.” All too often a sectarian spirit has marked the life of the Church in Québec and in the French-speaking world. We aim to reflect unity in diversity in the composition of our team, in our spheres of influence and in our partnerships.


As good stewards of the resources God entrusts to us, we want all our ministries and services to be characterized by thoroughness, quality, excellence and integrity. We believe that partnerships are critical to the success of our work.